Swimming with Humpback Whales Retreat

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Profound, life-changing encounters with whales in Mo'orea

New dates for September 2022 coming soon!

Dear soul!

This is it! We are going to swim with the whales!!! 

I know you were called to come here. I know somewhere deep within you, the whalesong has been resonating and pulling on invisible strings, whispering in ancient tongue. I am really excited, grateful and honored to be able to facilitate this space of meeting.

​It is my calling and my passion to be a dolphin and whale guide, and I love witnessing transformation that happens inside us as we remember, claim and embody the quantum gifts dolphins and whales have for us.

So with utmost joy in my heart, I invite you to join us in Moorea, where we will:

  • swim with humpback whales

  • snorkel with stingrays and reef sharks

  • connect with the sacred energies of Lemuria in the land and waters

  • hike and explore the island

  • deepen the resonance of our collective heart

  • expand into new patterns of collective pineal

Instead of talking about it, I would like to invite you to co-create with me. Take a deep breath and follow the songlines of the humpbacks.


Take a deep breath and join me in a dream. Imagine how it would be to meet with whales underwater....

....Spending time with both babies and mothers, in playfulness, respect, awe and beauty...

.... Floating on the surface and listen to males singing down bellow, their songs permeating every cell of our bodies ...

... Witnessing a group of males passing by, interacting with us and encircling us....

... Looking into an eye of a whale... time and space disappear in remembrance of eternity.....



Imagine for a moment, a group that embraces the beauty of a coherent collective heart.

​… We naturally are, exist and take care of each other…

... There is a strong bond, on land and in water…

... There is laughter and joy and playfulness….

​... There is camaraderie, support and celebration of our uniqueness ...



Dream with me, and see the island of Mo'orea embracing us.

... Experience magical moments with the land, the love of Gaia ...

... Memories of second Lemuria, the boats, the voyage, the new home ...

... Feel the sacredness imbued in the mountains, lagoons and rivers ...



Imagine new activations, realizations and rememberances.

.... Understanding, experiencing and BECOMING the sacred geometry of human/whale collective pineal, comprehending our role within this higher dimensional unity field…

.... New patterns within the collective heart, Quantum Heart of the Whale radiating through each one of us ...

... Blossoming! Before, during, after the seminar! Blossoming of the soul! ....

tiare tahiti.png

Whales' Message: "Entanglement of Spirit"

Aloha dear beautiful beings of light! Welcome, welcome to this space, this energy, this breath. Welcome!

We invite you to sink into your body, gently, with each breath.

Sink, allow the presence to take you inwards, down…

Out of the depths we arise. Out of the depths we come to you, to meet you in this space. Breathe…

We are the whales. We are one being, one energy, one heart, that comes to speak to you. Our presence in your field is not coincidental. Our quantum connection reaches way beyond this body, this manifestation and even this planet. Fell this. Feel and know we are connected from beyond time.

Gently touch your heart as you breathe in our presence.

First, we want to speak to you about love. You might feel it in your heart, as you take a breath with us, swimming around you, in front of you. Our love for you is part of our connection that we share. It is always there and right now you’re just taking a moment to feel it and sense it. It is always there.

This message then becomes a communication of love. You might feel a gentle pressure, onto your back, your chest, your shoulders. Your body acknowledges our presence.

Now, some of you might react to us in the opposite way. You might feel like we’re too big. You might feel like you’ll get lost in our grandness.

We smile. Please join us in this smile.

Yes, we are grand, for we reflect the love of the Creator. But so are you. Remember, what is yours cannot really be lost, no matter the depth of the ocean.

We would invite you to redefine this picture. What if it’s not a small human, feeling, breathing and communicating with huge whales… what if it’s the beauty, love and presence of the Creator witnessing this same beauty, love and presence of the Creator in different form?

Which consciousness is bigger? Which presence is stronger? Which love is deeper?

You see when you recognize this presence in yourself - limitless, loving presence of the Creator - that’s when the dance really begins.

We have a message for you: We know you. We know you are reading these words. We know you’ve been on a long journey as a human and you’re ready for something new. We know you are hoping to look us in the eye and experience this newness.

We have been waiting for you. You see, what happens in the moment of meeting, what happens in the moment of sharing in the waters, becomes an entanglement of Spirit. The consciousness in your eyes remembers itself and merges with the consciousness we represent. Entanglement means we become one. One heart, one being, one beautiful expression. Many bodies. One consciousness. Now feel that inside you. Feel your pineal right now. Because it is already happening.

How big are you? How much grandness can you allow? How much expansion are you comfortable with?

The only one you will ever meet is yourself. The only one you will ever loose, is the one you think you are.

We smile. Can you smile with us?

Aloha e!

The Whales


Day 1 - September 18th
Arrivals, check in
Sunset from our local beach, Tiahura

​Day 2 - September 19th
Sacred Circle Introducing the Whales energy
Practical guidelines for swimming
Hike to the "Magic Mountain"
Snorkeling Practice at Taahiamanu Beach

Tiahura Beach 3.png

Day 3 - September 20th
Whale swim
Sacred Circle
Visit of the Tiki Village
Sunset from the Tiki Village beach

Day 4 - September 21st
Whale Swim
Sacred Circle
Exploring Maharepa town
​Sunset from Sofitel Beach (Temae)

Day 5 - September 22nd
Whale Swim
Sacred Circle
Sunset from Painapo Beach
Day 6 - September 23rd
Adventure Day!
Lycee Agricultural Center (ice cream and jams)
Marae I Afare'aito and Marae Ahu O Mahine
Belvedere Lookout
Hike to the Three Coconuts Pass


Day 7 - September 24th
Whale Swim
Sacred Circle
​Exploring Haapiti town
Sunset from Atiha Beach
Day 8 - September 25th
Whale Swim
Afternoon Circle
​Sunset from Tiahura beach

Day 9 - September 26th
Adventure Day!
Visiting Jus de Fruits Moorea 
Hike to Afare'aitu Waterfall
Sunset and Last Sacred Circle on Taahiamanu Beach 
Day 10 - September 27th

Tiahura Beach2.jpg

Pricing & Accomodations

We are staying in a beautiful hillside residential resort overlooking the turquoise lagoon of Tiahura. Each unit has two or three bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, a terrace with a jetted fresh water tub  and an access to a bigger pool at the bottom of the hill. 

Ocean is 5-10min walking distance.

Store is is 10-15min walking distance. (We will stop there with our van as well.)

Single occupancy is in queen bed. Shared kitchen and bathrooms. The bedroom has AC.

Double occupancy is two twin beds per bedroom. Shared kitchen and bathrooms. The bedroom has no AC.

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INCLUDED: 9 nights accommodation (single or double occupancy available), 5 boat trips to swim with the humpback whales, guided hike to Three Coconuts Pass, guided snorkeling in different bays, pick up and drop off at the ferry dock or airport, transportation in a shared van, daily Sacred Circle gatherings  + all the tours mentioned in the program

NOT INCLUDED: airfares, meals, travel insurance, tips for the boat crew, personal expenses

* Organizer keeps the right to change the program according to the group needs and weather conditions


Reserve my spot with a $500 deposit (fully refundable until 6/18/2021)

Pay full price: I'm coming! (fully refundable until 6/18/2021)


Reserve my spot with a $500 deposit (fully refundable until 6/18/2021)

Pay full price: I'm coming! (fully refundable until 6/18/2021)

Practical Information

Look for flights to Papeete, Tahiti. 
Best connections: direct flights from San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX), from Europe look for connections through Paris or SFO and LAX.
From Tahiti you can either take a local flight to Moorea or hop on a ferry

There's two ferry companies that connect Tahiti with Moorea.
It's a quick island hop and the ride takes 30-45min. 
Ferry dock is 4 miles, 10 min ride from the airport. Taxi cost is around $15-$20.
The cost of a ferry ticket is around $15.
Ferry schedule Aremiti here.
Ferry schedule Terevau here.

I will either have a taxi waiting for you or will come myself to pick you up.

We will have a van to transport us around the island and to all of our activities.

Local currency is CFP Franc and the exchange rate is around 110 CFP Francs for $1 (American Dollar) and around 120 CFP Francs for 1eur (EURO). You can exchange money at the airport or just get your cash from ATM upon arrival. 

All of the food is your responsibility. There is restaurants and grocery store 10-15min walk from our accommodations. We will stop at the groceries store once a day on the way to and from our activities. Each unit has a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook your meals.

You need to know how to swim to attend this retreat, but it's absolutely ok if you never snorkeled before. We will have a snorkeling practice on the first day and plenty of time to get used to it, where we can simply enjoy our time with the whales.

Main language in French Polynesia is French, but English is understood by many locals.


Happy to answer! Please fill out our Contact From HERE.