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Cetacean Gathering Replay
Day 2

January 2nd, 2022

Cetacean Gathering Toning Soundtracks Day 2

Cetacean Gathering Toning Soundtrack Day 1 - original version that was used at the event (version 1)

Cetacean Gathering Toning Soundtrack Day 1 - only dolphins, whales and the choir (version 2)

PERSONAL SOUND RECORDINGS:  Please send recordings to either my email:, FB: Jan Lemuri or transfer them through WeTransfer. Thank you!

QUESTIONS AND SHARING: Feel free to write to either me or Teresa with any questions, sharing or anything else you need, thank you!

SUPPORT MUOM: The toning choir, that so graciously lets us use their toning tracks... thank you!!

OSHI'S ART: Oshi has a beautiful way of expressing the energies through art. Here is the 3 pieces she did for Cetacean Gathering. More info:


BLOOPERS: Putting together the Joful Sounds Toning Track today, I stumbled upon this video that made me laugh sooo hard... enjoy!

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