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June 10 - 17, 2023
Islands of Southern Croatia

with Jan Lemuri & Teresa Aguiar

"Can you transform through gentle waves, through breath, through dolphin joy?"


  • Inner transformation

  • Cetacean Guidance

  • Rebirthing in the sea

  • Ancestral clearing

  • Sweetness that changes you

  • High vibrational food

  • Luxury sailing

  • Once in a lifetime adventure


...Imagine sitting in a quiet, peaceful bay and feeling a gentle rocking of the boat that fills you with a sweet, safe presence...

...The beauty of nature speaks to your soul...

...The feeling of being held and supported allows you to deepen your journey inwards...

...Rebirthing sessions in the water are shedding old energies and limitations...

...Dolphin joy is opening new dimensions and potentials...

...You are starting to radiate as you remember your self-worth, the star being inside you...

...You are perfect, whole, and complete...


We will cruise on a luxury gulet Aborda for 7 days, starting and finishing in Split, and sailing in between some the most gorgeous islands of Southern Croatia – Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Mljet and Brac. 


We will explore their raw beauty and discover tranquil bays every night to anchor in. Our route will be determined depending on the weather, winds, guidance of the captain and intuition of the group. Living on a boat is such a unique, unforgettable experience and there’s deep magic in discovering new land from the sea.


There are different pods of bottlenose and common dolphins that frequent the area and often come to boats to ride the bow wave. We will connect with them every morning and send an energetic invitation to come play with us. If the energy is right, we will enter the water and swim with them. 


We will also call them in to our meditations, water circles and breathing sessions to embody dolphin joy, curiosity, and freedom. Using sonar and toning as forms of interspecies communication. Crystal chamber activation.


The breath work exercise is meant to create a gentle flow of breath in the body, we balance the inhale and exhale in a way that creates a circular rhythm, no holding of the breath, it goes in and out ... This exercise reveals the way we feel or live our lives, and the idea is to transform it or to enhance it by relaxing and surrendering to the breath, to life and allow it to take over ... It is supper cool when the breath is released, taking us over, we feel no effort at all ... the vibration buzzing in the body is something out of this world.


We will start with one session on the boat and the following days we will see if everyone is ready to be doing it in the water as the water carries so much information and also helps the body relax even more. The dolphins showed us they will either come to us when we are breathing in the water or send info, energy, and codes to us.


We are enveloped in a quantum presence of the white whale and pink dolphins as akashic remembrance from Lemuria and Atlantis guides us to form a toning circle in shallow waters for healing and balancing. Floating and relaxing into a sweet, safe space; allowing for shedding of the old (traumas, wars and abuse) and embodying the new. The water in our bodies becomes pristine. Color therapy. Sound healing. Breath and intuitive guidance. Blessings from the dolphin pod.

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There are ley lines that connect Croatia with Norway, Greece, Portugal and even further, Atlantis and Lemuria. Imagine a big crystal in the middle of our circle that represents our connection to the crystalline grids, cetaceans, ancient blueprints in the waters and sacredness of Gaia. We use it for enhanced communication and placement of our benevolent intentions onto the grids, honoring the beauty of Gaia and unity of humanity.

Brac - Zlatni Rat-1211592389.jpg-2020.jpg


All the meals are prepared by an award winning chef Dean, creating beautiful combinations of flavor, taste and high vibrations. Although rather young, Dean is very professional, conscientious and creative, the guests simply love his delicacies.


Aborda is a 30m long motor sailor built in Croatia in 1989 and refitted in 2013. It welcomes you into an experience of luxury, with bright colors, abundance of natural light, modern saloon and a fantastic deck with dining and shading options. You will stay in one of the 8 en-suite, spacious and comfortable cabins.



THE DREAM: to wake up every morning, send out a wave of love to the dolphins and then follow the winds, the intuition, the joy!

Please note: this is a general route that might change depending on the weather and wind conditions. Each island has different bays to visit and possible anchoring spots that will be chosen in the moment.


DAY 1 Split – Brač

DAY 2 Brač – Hvar

DAY 3 Hvar – Vis 

DAY 4 Vis – Lastovo

DAY 5 Lastovo – Korčula

DAY 6 Korčula – Hvar

DAY 7 Hvar - Split

DAY 8 Split


WHEN: June 10 - 17, 2023



Embarkment: SPLIT, Croatia

Disembarkment: SPLIT, Croatia



Early Bird (before March 15, 2023): 3550eur

Normal Price (after March 15, 2023): 3750eur

All prices are for a twin bed for shared double room.

Due at sign up (1st payment): 2000eur



  • 7 nights full board accommodation and all the amenities on the luxury gulet boat Aborda

  • 3 daily meals (fine dining) prepared by a professional chef. Fruit always available

  • tourist taxes and port fees

  • 4-5 Breathwork sessions with Teresa Aguiar

  • 2 Pineal readings for each participant with Jan Lemuri

  • national park entrance fees

  • snorkeling and exploration of natural scenery

  • swimming with dolphins (if possible)

  • meditations, activations and alignments


NOT INCLUDED: flights, transportation from the airport, covid tests, travel and health insurance, personal expenses



To register please contact Teresa at


Bank Transfer 

1. Send a mail to Teresa Aguiar - -  with your first name, last name and


2. Proceed with the payment of the registration fee of 2000€ to the bank account below. (or the full amount (3750€) if you are registering after July 1st).

Matilde d'Aguiar Falcão

Address: Estrada de Almada 7, r/c004 - 2640-779 Mafra - Portugal

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4760 3590 0016 6SWIFT/BIC: BBPIPTPL or BBPIPTPLXXX

Bank Name: BPI SA

Bank Address: Rua Tenente Valadim 284 - Porto


3. Send the receipt of the payment by email to


No refunds are available for this event.


Once we receive your payment, we will send you an email with all details about logistics and what to bring to the retreat.You can also use TransferWise for an easy online tranfer:


Contact information Teresa



International Presenter, Facilitator and Author of Inner Dolphin Awakening

Years of swimming with dolphins and exploring the connection between cetaceans and our soul brought me to my sweet spot – guiding our human pod into profound states of heart coherence, opening the door into experiencing the collective heart of the dolphin pod.

I envision a joyful transformation in every participant who enters the water with dolphins and expands into quantum heart of the whales. I am passionate about aligning every cell with the gifts of the cetaceans. Could it be that there are layers of DNA waiting to be activated to carry this new empowerment?

I provide practical information, channeled meditations and intuitive guidance through the Pineal.



International Divine Essence Midwife, Mind and Breath-Work Coach,
EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner, Portuguese host for Kryon, Pineal Tones and more…


I am a fearless promoter of self-responsibility. I have a deep honour for the “Soul Revelation Process”, getting in touch with one’s real and deep feelings/sensations through relaxation, releasing the limiting thoughts, process work, guided whispered sentences, breathing, healing touch and channelled over tones … I assist people to find their way out of drama and relax into life, into their physical bodies, to embody more of their souls.

My most profound goal is to make people feel safe – in their bodies, lives and abilities –

carrying more energy, exploring life and their multidimensionality. For that to really happen, we need to restore our own inner sacredness and the confidence that it is safe to be sacred!!!

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