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Day 2 Replay
April 29, 2023

Aloha dear soul!

It was a really powerful but at the same time very loving and harmonious event today. Thank you to all of you co-creating it and adding your voices, your gifts and New Earth co-creations. I appreciate you and I'm sending many blessings on your journey of becoming!

Please find the replay below!

Art Credits:

Crystalline Evolution Mandala by Tanja Prezelj. You can order prints directly from her by writing to her on FB (HERE) or email (prezelj.tanja(at)

The beautiful Source Code that was made for me was done by Kaya Kailani. She gets overbooked and has long waiting lines (5 months,) but you can find her HERE (FB) and HERE (website.)

Hope I get to see some of you in the physical with dolphins and whales. Nothing like real hugs!


Sending much love <3

Jan Lemuri

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