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A week on a Croatian island with dolphins, sea and human family

September 11-18, 2022


  • Daily Dolphin Boat Tours

  • Joyful Afternoon Gatherings

  • AniRa – Dolphin Temple Meditations

  • Yahuna – Transformational Bodywork

  • Beautiful, Tranquil Island of Iž

  • Vegetarian Food

  • Fun, Laughter and Love for Life


Aloha soul family!


In 2014 I was swimming with dolphins in Hawaii and in the water I've met this beautiful, joyful human being that goes by the name Yahuna. When you talk to her you realize that her eyes, her smile and her whole being, everything radiates dolphin energy.


As a physiotherapist, she felt like channeling everything she experiences with dolphins into movement, dance, stretching and meditations - and thus Yahuna bodywork was born. 


I absolutely loved co-creating this beautiful retreat with her - the Dolphin Summer Camp! The energy is light and fun (we will be on the boat every day), but there's also depth as we journey into the safe space of the soul (and enter dolphin temples of AniRa). 

We are both really excited and looking forward to sharing this magical week with you!

Much love,

Jan and Yahuna



Dolphin Tours

Every day 5.30am to 9am, we will be on the boat looking for bottlenose and common dolphins.

Yahuna Bodywork

Transformation through meditation, stretching, dance, stabilization, Hawaiian energy & happy dolphin vibes. 

Beautiful Iž

We will explore the beautiful nature of the island and many special little places that are a part of the retreat center.

Afternoon Gatherings

Every afternoon we gather for a circle of sharing, movement, meditation and fun.

AniRa Meditations

There is a pyramid built on the grounds of the hotel and we will use it to travel back to the dolphin temples of Atlantis.

Vegetarian Food

The hotel is dedicated to cook only vegetarian food. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price of the retreat.


Korinjak is a hotel and retreat center. Its founding vision was combining spiritual practices and physical wellness into a unique and original whole.


It lies in a gentle bay on the north-eastern side of the island of Iž, next to the town of Veli Iž.

In the center of the town is the restored church of St. Petra, several restaurants, cafes, a shop, a post office, a clinic and a modern marina.

ROOMS OPTIONS: single, double or campsites

WHEN: September 11-18, 2022



Veli Iž, Island Iž, Croatia


BOAT: From Zadar you have to take a catamaran, a ferry or a boat to the island.

Catamaran and ferry schedules and pricing:

Boat schedules and pricing:



SINGLE ROOM: 1144 eur/person

DOUBLE ROOM:1100 eur/person

CAMPING: 900eur/person