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September 25 - October 3, 2023
(Retreat FULL)

Raiatea - Huahine - Bora Bora - Maupiti - Raitea


  • 8 + 1 days sailing on a beautiful modern catamaran Lagoon 40 (2020)

  • 5 islands with breath-taking vistas of mountains and lagoons

  • Snorkeling with dolphins, whales, manta rays, turtles and all the tropical fish

  • Hikes and island explorations: mountains of Bora Bora and Raiatea, beaches of Huahine and Maupiti, vanilla orchards of Taha'a... 

  • Lemurian connection - meditations and energy work to enhance akashic remembrance and integration

  • Joy and camaraderie - traveling and exploring with conscious and awakened souls, following intuition and excitement

  • Personal downloads and transformation

At the center of our 9 day adventure is the gorgeous Bora Bora, which in ancient Polynesian means 'first  born" - one of the first places the gods have created on Earth.

Aloha dear soul!

There is something that happens when you visit Lemurian lands. Your cells can feel the gentleness, communication from the mountains and the lagoons… you can just sit and drink in the sacredness that’s imbued in the rocks and waters. Your body knows. Your soul remembers.

This is a call to come back to the ancient lands of Lemuria. To visit the islands that carry that energy, that memory, that connection. And to do it in a way Lemurians did – to discover new land from the boat, guided by the winds and the stars.

I spent 4 months sailing across South Pacific in 2013. It was the biggest “dream fulfillment” I ever experienced. One by one, I checked all the amazing things I had put on my bucket list. From swimming with whales to living on a boat to visiting Bora Bora.

But the biggest dream was the dream I wasn’t even aware of – the dream of SOUL INTEGRATION. Bringing together pieces of me, my Lemurian self, that was waiting for me inside the rocks, lagoons and cetaceans. Bringing my akash together, merging with my ancient self to co-create new future, enlightened Earth and everything I do now as my soul mission. I can’t describe the fulfillment, gratitude and joy that comes from this.


I love that now I can offer this beautiful opportunity for others to experience this as well. Do you feel the call? Would you like to co-create this journey with us?

With much love and aloha, 

Jan Lemuri

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Our catamaran Lagoon 40 (2020) has 4 double cabins and two forward peaks with single beds.... it is a very stable boat that provides more space than a sailboat, especially in the saloon and cockpit area.


(***please note: any item in itinerary can be a subject to change depending on the weather conditions and needs of the group***)

Day 1 – September 25 – Arrivals to Raiatea

Look for flights to Papeete, Tahiti and then a local flight connecting to Raiatea. We will have transportation to our accommodations for the first night and a rental car to explore the island, visiting the ancient Mara'e (outdoor Polynesian temple.)


Day 2 – September 26 – Boarding the boat, sailing to Huahine

After a morning hike to see the beautiful views of Raiatea lagoon we will board our catamaran and begin our journey to Huahine. Depending on time, we might stay the night in the marina or continue our journey inside Huahine lagoon to anchor at Avea bay on the south side of the island. Kayaking, suping, snorkeling, exploring the island on foot.


Day 3 – September 27 – Huahine to Bora Bora

On the way out of Huahine lagoon we might encounter spinner dolphins that are very frequent in that area. If the energy is right we will go in the water with them. Depending on the weather and conditions, we will either sail straight to Bora Bora or stop to overnight in Taha'a lagoon. Looking for humpback whales on the way. First day in Bora Bora we anchor near To'opua Motu.


Day 4 – September 28 – Bora Bora lagoon

Enjoying the snorkeling near To-opua, a natural aquarium with hundreds of fish where the turquoise and deeper blue of the lagoon meet and merge. Whale watching outside the reef and returning to overnight in the lagoon.


Day 5 – September 29 – Bora Bora to Maupiti

If the weather conditions are right we take a voyage across the channel to Maupiti atoll. With only 1200 inhabitants, Maupiti is not really developed and offers a perfect way to "get away" and discover a little piece of paradise. Looking for whales and dolphins on the way.


Day 6 – September 30 – Maupiti lagoon, snorkeling with manta rays

Maupiti lagoon is gorgeous, one of the best in Society islands and offers a very special spot - a manta ray cleaning station. We will snorkel around and experience these gentle beings as they "fly" underwater. Optional afternoon: Exploring the little island of Maupiti on bikes, dinner on land.


Day 7 – October 1 – Return to Bora Bora and hiking the mountain

We take the journey back to Bora Bora and anchor at the yacht club. From there we walk on the road and then hike up to the highest peak of the island, that opens one of the most beautiful 360 degrees panoramic views in the world. Absolutely breath-taking.

Day 8 – October 2 – Bora Bora to Taha'a

We sail back to the lagoon of Taha'a and anchor near the north western side with a beautiful passage between the motus for amazing snorkeling. Optional afternoon: exploration of the main island with vanilla farms.

Day 9 – October 3 – Taha'a to Raiatea

Returning back to Raiatea, same marina where we started our journey and completing our adventure by 11am on October 3. Look for flights back to Tahiti and then connecting to your next destination (if you would like to join us in Moorea for our humpback whale retreat click HERE.)


Jan on the top of Bora Bora in 2013 with amazing colors of the lagoon in the background. This hike is one of the highlights on land - exploring the islands on foot.


  • Sparkles in our eyes

  • Fully taking in the beauty and magic

  • Laughter, lots of joy in being together

  • Profound whale swims, just out of this world, hours with whales

  • Amazing hikes, views, Gaia connection

  • Lifelong bonding, soul-recognition

  • A feeling of being gifted, above and beyond

  • One of the best things to ever happen to each one of us


The Lagoon 40 embodies the spirit and innovative design of Lagoon Catamarans. Sought after and sailed across the globe, Lagoon’s catamarans have evolved into a world-renowned tribute to the 7 seas.

Lagoon 40 is a double hulled catamaran that can accomodate up to 12 people. There is 4 double bed cabins and 2 single beds in forward  peaks. There is 4 toilet/showers.

You will either share a double bed with a same sex participant or if one of you uses the forward peak single bed the other person gets the double bed in the forward hull. In this case the room is still shared but you're sleeping in separate spaces and separate beds. Please contact me for extra explanation.

TYC_Lagoon 40 (1).jpg

PRICE: (retreat is full)

EARLY BIRD (before July 25, 2023) 2888 eur 

NORMAL PRICE (after July 25, 2023) 3111 eur

All accommodations are DOUBLE/SHARED

Single is only possible if one person uses the forward peak (single bed) and the other person the double bed in the forward hull - please message me for an explanation.



  • pick up and drop off at the airport

  • 8 nights accommodation - 7 nights on the boat and 1 night on Raiatea

  • car rental on the first day to explore Raiatea

  • all the meals prepared on the boat (please note: we are all part of co-creating the meals)

  • all the costs and expenses related to the boat: skipper, marina fees, gas fees, water fees, taxes....

  • dinghy transportation and snorkeling with dolphins, whales, manta rays and tropical fish

  • sup board and kayak

  • personal instructions and guidance on dolphin and whale contact

  • meditations, activations and alignments


NOT INCLUDED: any meals on land, any bike/car rentals, any extra tours, plane tickets, health and travel insurance, personal expenses


To reserve your spot please send us a message HERE and proceed with the payment of DEPOSIT: 1444 eur to the account below.


Account holder: Jan Lemuri


IBAN: BE69 9672 5978 6978

Wise's address

Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium


Please answer these questions:

  • are you ok sharing limited space?

  • can you communicate with respect and self-responsibility?

  • have you taken responsibility for your emotions and healing family relationships?

  • are you happy to help with preparing our community meals?

  • do you take care of your dirty dishes?

  • do you know how to swim and feel comfortable in the water?

  • are you ok sharing bathrooms?

  • are you ok taking short showers?

  • are you ok following captain orders when it comes to sailing and handling the ropes?

If you answer to any of the questions above with a "NO" this tour is not for you, sorry :)



International Presenter, Facilitator and Author of Inner Dolphin Awakening

Years of swimming with dolphins and exploring the connection between cetaceans and our soul brought me to my sweet spot – guiding our human pod into profound states of heart coherence, opening the door into experiencing the collective heart of the dolphin pod.

I envision a joyful transformation in every participant who enters the water with dolphins and expands into quantum heart of the whales. I am passionate about aligning every cell with the gifts of the cetaceans. Could it be that there are layers of DNA waiting to be activated to carry this new empowerment?

I provide practical information, channeled meditations and intuitive guidance through the Pineal.

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