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March 15-23, 2022

"You know and feel the potency of meeting, because whale's eye holds the Universe, the lifetimes and the worlds."

Why is this retreat SPECIAL:

- explore on the boat every day, 7 days in a row

- commune with gray, blue, humpback and fin whales

- swim with whalesharks and sea lion pups

- visit 3 different locations to maximize what Baja has to offer

- co-create and share with powerful, conscious souls from around the planet

- use sound for healing and quantum communication

- traverse the songlines of the whales

- dive deep into personal remembrance

- leave changed and transformed - touched by your dreams



The Chamber of Your Heart

Aloha dear soul!

There are certain memories of the heart. There are certain spaces within the heart, that are not that often reached and explored. There are chambers of magic, there are chambers of complete vulnerability, there are chambers of naked joy.

There’s also one that is so emotionally potent, it can collapse any and all preconceived ideas you would have about yourself, your identity and what your life is about. It is the chamber of the eye of a whale. Some of you know it and feel it and… REMEMEBER IT.

You know and feel the potency of meeting, because that eye holds the Universe, the lifetimes and the worlds. It is dreaming the Universe, inside and out.

Transformation that is possible, inside and out, when you look into whale’s eye can be both exciting and scary. Heart opening that results in that moment can both uplift you and provoke you, for every change demands a rebirth and new beginnings.

If you are reading these words, you know that chamber inside your heart. It has been stirring and emotion of remembrance has been active for some time now. You have walked your path and received insights and guidance. But you always knew there was a moment coming, a moment of meeting, a moment of naked truth.

You were already called. You already heard this message, somewhere deep you know and recognize it. You already stood there, merging with the essence of the world. This is now an invitation to come and celebrate this transformation. To fully experience it in the physical. Once again, you will be asked to drop what you think you know, to release your attachments to who you think you are, so when the eye embraces you, there is sweetness, there is joy and there is a new beginning.

Your soul, your essence is already celebrating. Your heart is already feeling it. Your body is already starting to vibrate, as this process and the physical journey, begin in this very moment. Recognize your commitment and follow your path. It is done just as the stars follow their path in the night, with ease and grace, and assurance of guidance through the right action.

This meeting, this gathering of souls and the whales, happens inside you. Yes, you will travel across the world. Yes, you will be out on the water, looking for whales. Yes, day by day, time will pass, and you will seem to be changing and growing as each new experience integrates and expands your heart. But that meeting, the opening of the chamber of the eye of the whale, is a deeply personal experience. You know it. You recognize it.

And now it’s time to claim it.


Aloha e <3

_Sing to the Whales Solstice clean (1).png


Day 1: Arrivals - MEMORIES OF THE FUTURE, La Paz

Look for plane connections to La Paz (Mexico) on March 15. You will be picked up from the airport and transported to our accommodations.

Meditation, first circle, working with dreams, intentions, visions. 


In the morning we take a boat to snorkel with sea lion pups and experience their playfulness and curiosity.

The boat then takes us for lunch in one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, Balandra. We breathe, coming into the now, connecting to the earth, gaia, ancestors and our hearts.


Day 3: Whalesharks - PINEAL AND THE STARS, La Paz

It is time to start attuning to deeper spiritual energies. Swimming with whalesharks could be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. In the presence of whalesharks we attune to inner peace, connecting to the pineal and the stars.

Day 4: Blue whales - THE HEART OF GAIA, Loreto

Blue whales are in Loreto only a couple of months every year and they vibrate in alignment with the deep heart of Gaia. Out of this heart a song emerges and increases our understanding: the connection inwards and downwards is what opens up the connection to the higher levels in new way.

Day 5: Humpback whales - CETACEAN TIME CAPSULES, Loreto

Humpback whales hold the keys to activating time capsules within our dna and within the grids of the planet. We will explore the waters around Loreto islands and hopefully meet a mother with a baby, a group of males or a lone singer. Connecting our hearts and opening the time capsules, we will receive the songs from the stars. 


Day 6: Gray whales - EMBODIMENT OF THE DREAM, Magdalena Bay

Moving to our third location, Magdalena bay, we now enter into a consciousness entanglement with gray whales. First day is dedicated to "embodiment of the dream": bringing in the alignment of the personal dream, passion, excitement, feeling it in the cells, knowing the feeling, the attention and the dreaming allows for it to become real.

Day 7: Gray whales - EMBODIMENT OF THE GRID, Magdalena Bay

The second day with gray whales and their babies is dedicated to "embodiment of the grid": feeling the cetacean grid, the quantum heart of the whale, and allowing our heart to merge with it, feeling it living and breathing through us - inner dolphin awakening and whaledreaming.


Day 8: Gray whales - EMBODIMENT OF THE NEW EARTH, Magdalena Bay

Third and last day with gray whales is dedicated to "embodient of the New Earth": co-creating begins, expanding personal dream into collective dream, co-creating with cetaceans, co-creating with star people and other conscious beings, embodying the dream and becoming the resonance of the New earth.

Day 9: Departures - RETURN TO THE HEART, La Paz

Return to La Paz is a return to the stillness of the heart, allowing for integration of all the experiences, clarity of new beginnings and the first step into new life.


You have an option of choosing between single and double rooms.


Option 1: Group meeting & Meditation Villa - Single Accommodations

Option 2: Nearby Modern Apartments - Double Accommodations

In La Paz, we will stay in a beautiful villa (single) and 2 bedroom apartments nearby (double). Photos below.


In Loreto we will stay in a spectacular Loreto Bay Golf resort with stunning views and a private beach, pool and spa. Single rooms with king beds and double rooms with two queens. Photos below. 


Magdalena bay is remote and protected nature area and offers more simple accommodations, but  Villas Mar y Arena have cabanas right on the beach which will assist us in grounding powerful encounters with the gray whales. Single cabanas with queen beds and double with a queen and a twin. Photos below.

Price & Registration


$1995 (1777eur) for double occupancy

$2595 (2266eur) for single occupancy



  • Pick up and drop off at the airport

  • 8 nights accommodations

  • 8 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner

  • 7 boat rides - sea lions & balandra(1), whalesharks (1), blue, humpback and fin whales (2), gray whales (3)

  • Transportation La Paz - Loreto, Loreto - Mag Bay, Mag Bay - La Paz

  • Taxis and transportation to: downtown La Paz (dinner), downtown Loreto (dinner), boat ramp La Paz, boat ramp Loreto

  • "Whale pod" sharing and toning circle every day

  • Personal instructions and guidance on cetacean contact

  • Meditations, activations and alignments


NOT INCLUDED: lunch (6x) and dinner (7x), plane tickets, health and travel insurance, personal expenses

Note: Organizer reserves the right to change the program or accommodations due to unexpected circumstances, weather, higher force, etc.



Send a sign up email to jan.lemuri (at) or HERE with your NAME, SINGLE or DOUBLE and preferred MEANS of PAYMENT.


DEPOSIT: $1000 (888eur) - fully refundable until 2/15, 50% refundable until 3/1, no refunds after 3/1


OR FULL PAYMENT - fully refundable until 2/15, 50%refundable until 3/1, no refunds after 3/1



Bank Transfer (Europe)





FLIGHTS: Look for connecting flights through Mexico city (MEX) to La Paz (LAP). Coming from Europe, look for direct flights to Mexico city, not flying through USA (so you don't need ESTA, visa waivers, tests, etc.) IMPORTANT: Don't confuse La Paz in Mexico (LAP) with La Paz in Bolivia (LPB)!

TESTING: Mexico DOES NOT! require any tests or anything else related to the c-vid. All you need to research is requirements for testing while connecting flights in other airports/countries and requirements to return home.

SWIMMING/SNORKELING: You need to know how to swim to enjoy water activities with us (unless you want to observe from the boat) AND we will practice snorkeling before-hand for first-timers. 

SPENDING MONEY: Mexico uses Mexican Pesos (MXN), so either bring some of those with you or use your credit/debit cards to pay for your expenses.

OTHER QUESTIONS: Please don't hesitate to write to us with any additional questions at jan.lemuri (at) gmail or HERE.


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