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FREE Mini Session

Every other Monday between 11am and 3pm Pacific Time

  • 10 minutes
  • Zoom

Service Description

HOW DOES IT WORK? MINI Session is a SAMPLE of this work... in 10min a short reflection on one specific issue or energetic pattern can be given. Please connect through the email bellow to find out exact date and slot availability. ​Either in person or on-line (Zoom, Skype, etc.) we first connect with our breath, our heart and the heart of the dolphin pod. I open my Pineal (also called "the third eye") and look at your field. Information can be shown in many different ways, through energetic patterns, pictures, visions, channeled sentences, etc... Even the way dolphin pod swims through your energy field reveals patterns that need to be acknowledged or worked on. ​Because each one of us is unique, information will never be the same and will always reflect your life situation - who and where you are in that moment. Once the clarity is there, the guidance of how to co-create solutions, new patterns and energetic initiations comes in.

Contact Details

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