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Meet Jan

International presenter, facilitator and author of Inner Dolphin Awakening

Have you ever heard an expression, "Follow your dreams?"

16 years ago dolphins started showing up in Jan's dreams. Not just once or twice, but on a nightly basis.

This initiated a journey that took him to meet and often swim with cetaceans in Hawaii, Croatia, Azores (Portugal), New Zealand, Tonga and Australia.

Then he experienced an inner transformation that changed his relationship with cetaceans forever. He morphed, changed form. He became a dolphin himself!

"Could it be that everything you knew to be true about dolphins was inside you?"

Welcome to the beauty of our multidimensional soul that includes dolphins and whales! Each one of us carries a piece of the puzzle. Each one of us carries a dream that is a part of a bigger dream, the dream of the New Earth. As the time capsules open, we are empowered to embody dolphin qualities, attune to the wisdom from our Star Akash and co-create a peaceful and compassionate planet!

Jan's dream has always been to assist in this process. Guided by cetaceans, he channeled numerous tools, meditations and insights to accelerate our journey.

He lives in Oregon, USA, with his wife and 5-year old daughter.

Be willing to drop what’s not important in your life and follow your intuition, your dreams, your excitement!

Jan Lemuri

Jan Lemuri


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