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June 20, 2024

  • Sing in QUANTUM Space with Hundreds from Around the World

  • Connect to Cetaceans through SOUND and Meditation

  • Welcome the Presence of DRAGON and Ground your TRUTH

  • Awaken the CETACEAN CODES and Memories of your Role within the Grids (with SPECIAL GUEST: Kaya Kailani)

  • Receive Insights and Personal DOWNLOADS

Come join us for an online quantum gathering where we will:

In March we pre-recorded an interview for Sing ot the Whales with Rebecca Goff in Maui... as the event was broadcasted and we all sang our songs, this whale was under her boat singing back to all of us, honoring our love!


  • MEDITATION: Grounding in your Truth

  • How does the Dragon Shift your Life?

  • SPECIAL GUEST: Kaya Kailani

  • Who is the Keeper of the Codes?

  • Awakening the Cetacean Source Codes

  • Quantum Choir 

  • MEDITATION: The Keeper's Song




You will receive a ZOOM link 24hrs before the event. At the time of the event simply click on the link. This is a webinar so your video/sound will not be shown.

WHEN: Thursday, June 20 at 10am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern, 6pm Portugal & England, 7pm central Europe) 


ADMISSION: This event is FREE and open to anyone. Simply leave your email bellow.

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International Presenter, Facilitator and Author of Inner Dolphin Awakening

16 years ago dolphins started showing up in Jan's dreams. Not just once or twice, but on a nightly basis. This initiated a journey that took him to meet and often swim with cetaceans in Hawaii, Croatia, Azores (Portugal), New Zealand, Tonga and Australia. Then he experienced an inner transformation that changed his relationship with cetaceans forever. He morphed, changed form. He became a dolphin himself!


​"Could it be that everything you knew to be true about dolphins was inside you?"


​Welcome to the beauty of our multidimensional soul that includes dolphins and whales! Each one of us carries a piece of the puzzle. Each one of us carries a dream that is a part of a bigger dream, the dream of the New Earth. As the time capsules open, we are empowered to embody dolphin qualities, attune to the wisdom from our Star Akash and co-create a peaceful and compassionate planet!

​Jan's dream has always been to assist in this process. Guided by cetaceans, he channels tools, meditations and insights to accelerate our journey.



Source Code Keeper, Visual Artist, The Bridge at ⫷•Kailani•⫸ Source Codes

Here we are. You and me. Meeting again. Soul to Soul. Heart to Heart.

You cross path with these codes and feel drawn to them, because you know them in your Heart.

Your personal Source Code is holding and reflecting the frequency of your Higher Consciousness, and it's a unique signature of your Essence tangibly.

It’s activating light codes in your original blueprint, the ancient knowledge and wisdom you carry within DNA.
It’s unlocking deeper remembrance of who you are, connecting you to your origins, and awakening your dormant gifts/potentials and you’re ready now to bring them back online.

Your code is assisting you to come into your own divine intelligence, align to and embody your Source frequency faster, and evolve faster.


They are not to be understood. The frequency of your code is transmitting the information you need on Soul level. The activations are energetic nature and all you need to do is allow its frequency to unlock dormant light codes you carry in your DNA.

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