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Day 1 Replay
Jan 7, 2023

Aloha dear soul!

Wow, that was really profound, it seems especially the journey from the stars really resonated deeply and moved a lot of energy!

Make sure you keep integrating as you bring in all the wisdom, energy and personal connection. Writing down what happened is a big part of it. Taking a walk, breathing, or just being, all of those can help as well.

If there was any parts you couldn't connect to or didn't fully understand, or even as it happened for some, explored a dark lifetime, know that it was shown to you for a reason. It might be connected to the questions or your intention we wrote down in the beginning and is trying to show you something. It is also connected to the Orca energy of balance between light and dark that is part of Day 2.


Many blessings,

Jan Lemuri

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