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Day 2 Replay
Jan 8, 2023

Aloha dear soul!

Another very very powerful day, thank you so much everyone!

Bringing in the energies of the orca pod, there was a perceivable shift within the energy of our human pod. I am really happy so many of you were able to receive their gifts and ground the energy of I AM through the core of your being. This is big! Thank you!

Now the integration: allow for the energies to keep integrating through the written word, journaling, affirmations, walks in nature, swimming, dancing etc... Also, do your best to implement the instructions, the wisdom from the past, guidance form the future, whatever you received, take action, step forward into the world! That is the biggest grounding, the best integration!

Thank you all again, this was one of my favorite events ever, I really appreciate all of you co-creating in the energy and deeply embracing the experience. 


Much love and many blessings,

Jan Lemuri

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