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2-day Workshop
with Jan Lemuri & Teresa Aguiar

12/30/21 & 1/2/22

(REPLAY is now UPLOADED, sign up below to JOIN US!)

Come join us for this powerful workshop where we will explore:

  • CRYSTALLINE PYRAMIDS of Azores that hold codes and information of original human blueprints

  • SPERM WHALES as our guides, to access and enter the pyramids

  • CETACEAN GATHERING, a profound multidimensional event with a circle of dolphins and whales

  • TONING, both a key that unlocks the information and a co-creative tool

  • QUANTUM CRYSTALS in your field that align and attune to the codes

  • NEW EARTH as a resonance birthed through you

  • GATE KEEPER'S COMPLETION, no more holding the door for the old


Birthing of the New Earth

Dear human, since the ancient times you were aware of the potentials of the New Earth, you were aware of the potentials of the enlightened planet. This dream, this memory was implanted into your DNA, and it was placed on the grids of the planet. Even in the darkest of the dark, a part of you always stayed connected to this vision, a part of you remembered.


Every time you’ve seen a dolphin, every time you felt the whales come closer and vibrate your energy with their songs, this dream would become alive, a song arose that just had to be expressed through you, through your art, words, and actions.

Now is the time to gather those expressions, to gather those memories, to gather those songs. Release this information and allow it to become available to humanity. What was hidden must be revealed. What was personal now, once again, becomes collective. What was almost lost in the darkness now starts to shine brightly again.



Birthing of the New Earth happens through you, and it is an alignment of crystalline and magnetic within you. As dolphins and whales surround you now, as they form a circle around you, they re-ignite the patterns within your DNA that carry those memories. As you enter the crystalline pyramid, your field entrains and becomes this vibration, New Earth becomes an alignment within you, that shifts your perception and your reality. As you then sing your song and dream your dream from this place, every action and word becomes an expression of this higher dream. This alignment is a co-creation. Your voice is the voice of the collective. Your song carries the sounds of the dolphins, whales, unicorns, dragons, mer and star people. The union inside you is a pattern that is then broadcasted to the grids. The New Earth is literally created – and co-created – through you.


As you become the radiance of the New Earth, your job as a Gate keeper is complete; you are not holding the vibration for the old anymore. The job is done. For years now, you’ve held the door open, in compassion, in love, to allow as much of the old as possible to be transmuted, transformed, and raised into the new. As you become the resonance of the New Earth, this door closes, and you are now fully of the new. Thus the portal, that allowed for old and new to co-exist, closes. You are complete.

Two Sperm whales diving as a part of the Cetacean Gathering and 8/8 portal in Azores


Day 1: Cetacean Gathering – Crystalline Pyramids

  • Original Blueprints for Humanity

  • Atlantean Crystals and Information

  • Crystalline Pyramids of Azores – how to enter, downloads and codes

  • Sperm Whales – guardians and guides

  • Cetacean Gathering – the story from 8/8 retreat


Day 2: New Earth Embodiment – Gatekeepers Completion

  • Gatekeepers Job – one foot in each world

  • Job Completion and Release

  • Co-creating New Earth

  • Pineal Guidance

  • Time Travel with Whales and Communication with your Future Self – MEDITATION, TONING and MULTIDIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE


You will receive a ZOOM link 24hrs before the event. At the time of the event simply click on the link. This is a webinar so your video/sound will not be shown.

WHEN: Thursday December 30th at 11am-1pm Pacific Time (7pm Portugal, England, 8pm central Europe) & Sunday January 2nd at 11am-1pm

Replays will be available 2 hrs after the completion of the event.


Please fill out the form bellow.



International Presenter, Facilitator and Author of Inner Dolphin Awakening

Years of swimming with dolphins and exploring the connection between cetaceans and our soul brought me to my sweet spot – guiding our human pod into profound states of heart coherence, opening the door into experiencing the collective heart of the dolphin pod.

I envision a joyful transformation in every participant who enters the water with dolphins and expands into quantum heart of the whales. I am passionate about aligning every cell with the gifts of the cetaceans. Could it be that there are layers of DNA waiting to be activated to carry this new empowerment?

I provide practical information, channeled meditations and intuitive guidance through the Pineal.



International Divine Essence Midwife, Mind and Breath-Work Coach,
EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner, Portuguese host for Kryon, Pineal Tones and more…


I am a fearless promoter of self-responsibility. I have a deep honour for the “Soul Revelation Process”, getting in touch with one’s real and deep feelings/sensations through relaxation, releasing the limiting thoughts, process work, guided whispered sentences, breathing, healing touch and channelled over tones … I assist people to find their way out of drama and relax into life, into their physical bodies, to embody more of their souls.

My most profound goal is to make people feel safe – in their bodies, lives and abilities –

carrying more energy, exploring life and their multidimensionality. For that to really happen, we need to restore our own inner sacredness and the confidence that it is safe to be sacred!!!

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