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Online Workshop
4/28 & 4/29/2023

(Replays for Day 1 and Day 2 are now uploaded, sign up below to access the recordings)

"Crystalline pyramids are coming online, transmitting wisdom through the grids of the planet"

  • Experience ancient technology through QUANTUM journeying

  • Explore your role in the SHIFTING crystalline grids

  • Connect to DOLPHIN temples around the world

  • Activate your personal ANIRA octahedron

  • Increase the feeling of JOY and connection in your life

  • Co-create NEW EARTH potentials

"The temple is a conscious, benevolent technology, that allows for merging with the radiance of Ra - the Soul."

The original dolphin temple of AniRa was built over a bay on the southern shore of Atteah (Atlantis) east of today's island of Cuba.

Aloha dear soul!

It started with a vision. A few years ago they showed me a pyramid built over a bay in Atlantis, where dolphins would swim in to interact with the tribe. They said the name of the temple was AniRa, which means “to merge with the radiance of your soul.” People from different parts of Atteah (their name for Atlantis) would come to reconnect to their original dream, the gift of who they were to be on this planet.

“The temple is still available in the higher dimensions,” they said. Before Atlantis sank, it was shifted dimensionally. You can ask etheric dolphin pod to guide you to it. Experience AniRa. Bring the soul gifts into here and now.

Then they showed me the new temples, that were recreated in different places after the flood. Some of them looked similar, some different, but it was about the energy. Some were built over the original crystals brought from Atlantis. Some were simply energetic structures, only accessible to the ones with inner vision.


Azores was one of the places. In 2021 we traveled there to assist in activation of the crystalline pyramids underwater. The wisdom from Atteah is stored there and was ready to come online. Humanity was ready. We are returning in July. Cetacean gathering. Ancient wisdom embodying.

And now… crystalline pyramids are beginning to reveal themselves in many places. All the cetacean spots have them. From Baja to Red Sea to Moorea. These pyramids are coming online as a new grid, transmitting wisdom around the planet. They are talking to the known pyramids and to the field of each one of us – our personal AniRa octahedron. We are all a part of a bigger crystalline grid, together with cetaceans and star people. The new grid is here. Crystalline evolution is upon us. Are you ready to attune to and experience the AniRa, embodiment of your sacred presence, and co-create the new, enlightened planet?

Beautiful pod of sperm whales oversees the crystalline pyramids in Azores, that were deep at the bottom of the ocean, but started to energetically raise to the surface while we were there for a Ceatcean Gathering in 2021. You can join us again this year HERE.


DAY 1: Dolphin Temples of Atlantis

  • Alignment and Intentions

  • The 4 tribes of Atlantis

  • AniRa – the meaning and the technology

  • Preserving the higher dimensional knowledge

  • Connection to cetaceans, mer-people and dragons

  • MEDITATION: Journey to AniRa - Dolphin Temple

  • Grounding and Integration


Dolphin Temple Art by Leanne Ta Iki Anawa. Find her  beautiful creations HERE.

DAY 2: Crystalline Evolution

Untitled design (22).png
  • Alignment and Intentions

  • Activations within the crystalline grid

  • Arising of the new dolphin temples

  • Personal AniRa octahedron

  • Interconnection of wisdom

  • MEDITATION: Empowering the dream of the New Earth

  • Grounding and Integration


You will receive a ZOOM link 24hrs before the event. At the time of the event simply click on the link. This is a webinar so your video/sound will not be shown.

WHEN: Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29th at 11am - 1pm Pacific Time (2pm Eastern, 7pm Portugal, England, 8pm central Europe) 


ADMISSION: $44 (fill the form below)

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International Presenter, Facilitator and Author of Inner Dolphin Awakening

16 years ago dolphins started showing up in Jan's dreams. Not just once or twice, but on a nightly basis. This initiated a journey that took him to meet and often swim with cetaceans in Hawaii, Croatia, Azores (Portugal), New Zealand, Tonga and Australia. Then he experienced an inner transformation that changed his relationship with cetaceans forever. He morphed, changed form. He became a dolphin himself!


​"Could it be that everything you knew to be true about dolphins was inside you?"


​Welcome to the beauty of our multidimensional soul that includes dolphins and whales! Each one of us carries a piece of the puzzle. Each one of us carries a dream that is a part of a bigger dream, the dream of the New Earth. As the time capsules open, we are empowered to embody dolphin qualities, attune to the wisdom from our Star Akash and co-create a peaceful and compassionate planet!

​Jan's dream has always been to assist in this process. Guided by cetaceans, he channels tools, meditations and insights to accelerate our journey.

​He lives in Oregon, USA, with his wife and 8-year-old daughter.

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