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March 21, 2023

Aloha dear human pod!


It was a big joy to host another Sing to the Whales event and feel all your beautiful hearts in our circle. May the unconditional love of the whales keep embracing you and showing itself in unexpected ways in your life!


SOUND QUALITY: I worked on the recording and increased Joaquin’s volume so now it’s much more leveled and equal – right along with the theme of equinox and balancing polarities! I’m sorry if some of you couldn’t hear him clearly during live event. He shared lots of great practical information, so feel free to listen again to get more goodness.


MuOM does beautiful concerts in Barcelona and surroundings, you can train one on one to master your overtones and also, you can attend their 5 day toning retreat with 30 other people to really immerse yourself in the fulness of sound harmonics.






Dolphins of Red Sea for Czech Group

Dolphins of Red Sea

Cetacean Gathering Azores

Swim with Humpback Whales Moorea


Thank you again for adding your voice and your intention into this co-creation!


Much love and many blessings!


Jan Lemuri

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