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Deep, Inner Transformation with Dolphins, Whales and Sacredness of Gaia

July 1-9, 2023, Pico, Azores


  • days half-board in a beautiful retreat center

  • Daily swimming with dolphins (6x)

  • Tours of the island: pyramids, lakes, lava cave and other sacred spots

  • Quantum communication with whales

  • Crystalline pyramids – guided meditations and downloads

  • Personal downloads and transformation

Jan Lemuri talking about the difference between swimming with common and Risso's dolphins in Pico as part of a Brazilian documentary produced by Gustavo Amorim.


In the times of Atteah (Atlantis), people still remembered the dream. People knew this Earth had a potential of becoming an enlightened planet. This vision was a part of everyone’s life and society as a whole. When Atlantis sank people moved to different areas and established new cultures. Azores was one of these places, but instead of building a new society the inhabitants focused on imbuing the memories and visions of the New Earth into the waters and onto the grids. Azores was to become a “sleeping” sacred spot – only activating if humanity reaches a certain vibration.



People of Atteah travelled on boats and were guided by cetaceans to bring giant crystals with them and place them in specific areas in Azores, most of them are now underwater. In higher dimensions you can observe crystalline pyramids that are constructed in some of these areas, in between islands. They are holding information and as they open, they become a gift for humanity.



As we awaken from individual dreams of limitation, we realize we are here to co-create in a bigger dream, the dream of the New Earth. Each one of us has a role, each one of us brings a gift and we all express our uniqueness in this new reality.

Cetaceans have been responding to our changing consciousness. They have been coming closer, both quantumly and in the physically. They’ve been encoding their songs with personal messages for us. They’ve been singing about our star akash and the joy of the soul. And they’ve been gathering in certain areas to assist with activation and release of information.

Massive awakening in humanity creates a wave through the crystalline grid and cetaceans respond. Azores has been a “sleeping” sacred spot – until now. The gathering brings here the cetacean presence from all around the planet. Now the invitation goes out to humans: Do you feel the call to be here and bring your voice, your presence, your dream?


From more than 20 different species of cetaceans that you can see around Azores, the home pod is the sperm whales - they will be our loving quantum guides into the crystalline realms.


Boat Tours – Swimming with Dolphins, Communing with Whales

The joy of seeing dolphins underwater, dolphin bliss. Risso’s, bottlenose, spotted and common dolphins.

As we witness the majesty of different whales (sperm, fin, humpback, pilot whales, false orcas and more) we connect through the heart and pineal to receive their energetic gifts.


Sacred Circles – Meditations, Ceremonies and Personal Transformation

Every day we gather as a human pod to share our experiences and dive deeper into the energy through meditation and different exercises (described below.) Support. Empowerment. Alignment to highest personal potential.


Land Tour – Stone Pyramids, Cave Ceremony and Pico Mountain

Adventure day – exploring beautiful sacred nature sites around the island. We start in Madalena town and the areas surrounding it, visiting stone pyramids that could date back to Phoenician times.

Ascending up the Pico Mountain to the visitors center with amazing views of Faial.

“Passing through the belly of the whale” – ceremony inside a cave made by flowing lava.

Lakes of Pico, each in its own volcano cone, very deep connection to Gaia.


Crystalline Pyramids – Main Theme of the Retreat – Described Above

Sperm whales are our guides as they dive deep and show us the location of the pyramids. The pyramids are now raising to the surface and if we are aligned and connected, we are invited to enter and remember personal and collective dream of enlightened humanity – New Earth.


Cetacean Decoding – Translating Messages from Dolphin Movement and Whale Songs

We work with quantum receivers in our cells/DNA, our heart, our jaw and our pineal to receive and decode personal messages from our cetacean family.


Toning and Sound Healing – Ancient Knowledge of Sound

Toning is a way of using your voice to create extended tones and overtones and can be used to increase heart coherence, telepathic communication and quantum journeying. We will tone in our sacred circle, on the boat and in the water!


Crystal Chamber – Working with Blueprints Stored in the Water

When we did our first retreat in Azores dolphins gave us a Crystal Chamber meditation, a very profound technique that allows us to receive ancient blueprints stored in the memory of the waters. The water around Azores is filled with information about our ancient past and potentials of the New Earth. Time to remember!

Jan swimming with (and toning to) more than 100 spotted dolphins. Watch how they respond to the sounds through movement and also start vocalizing back. Magic moment!!!


We are staying in beautiful high end retreat Pico Dreams. A short distance from the coast, with spectacular views of the sea, São Jorge Island and the Pico mountain. This place is truly a rejuvenating haven, where we can connect deeply with our soul!


2333 eur – sharing a double or triple room

2555eur – single room



  • 1 group pick up and drop off at the airport

  • 8 nights at Pico Dreams check-in July 1 in the afternoon, check out the morning of July 9th

  • Half board, 8 breakfasts, and 8 dinners

  • 6 transfers to Pico´s marina in Lajes and back

  • 6 boat rides - swimming with dolphins and communing with whales

  • 1 adventure tour of the island: stone pyramids, Pico Mountain, high monutain lakes, lava cave, sacred spots

  • Snorkeling practice

  • Personal instructions and guidance on dolphin and whale contact

  • Meditations, activations and alignments


NOT INCLUDED: lunch, plane tickets, health and travel insurance, personal expenses

Pico island airport (code PIX) is currently served by Azores Airlines and SATA Air Azores. Find a flight to Pico:

AZORES  are only 
4h40 flying from Boston
5h45 flying from New York
5h35 flying fromToronto
4h20 flying from Frankfurt
2h15 flying from Lisbon


PAYMENT: Bank Transfer 

​1. Send a mail to Teresa Aguiar - -  with your first name, last name and

2. Proceed to payment of the full amount on this bank account 

Matilde d'Aguiar Falcão
Address: Rua Vasco Fernandes, 15 -Aroeira, 2820-048 Charneca da Caparica
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4760 3590 0016 6
Bank Name: BPI SA
Bank Address: Rua Tenente Valadim 284 - Porto

3. Send the receipt of the payment by email to

No refunds are available for this event.

Once we receive your payment, we will send you an email with all details about logistics and what to bring to the retreat.

You can also use Wise for an easy online tran

Contact information 




International Presenter, Facilitator and Author of Inner Dolphin Awakening

Years of swimming with dolphins and exploring the connection between cetaceans and our soul brought me to my sweet spot – guiding our human pod into profound states of heart coherence, opening the door into experiencing the collective heart of the dolphin pod.

I envision a joyful transformation in every participant who enters the water with dolphins and expands into quantum heart of the whales. I am passionate about aligning every cell with the gifts of the cetaceans. Could it be that there are layers of DNA waiting to be activated to carry this new empowerment?

I provide practical information, channeled meditations and intuitive guidance through the Pineal.



International Divine Essence Midwife, Mind and Breath-Work Coach,
EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner, Portuguese host for Kryon, Pineal Tones and more…


I am a fearless promoter of self-responsibility. I have a deep honour for the “Soul Revelation Process”, getting in touch with one’s real and deep feelings/sensations through relaxation, releasing the limiting thoughts, process work, guided whispered sentences, breathing, healing touch and channelled over tones … I assist people to find their way out of drama and relax into life, into their physical bodies, to embody more of their souls.

My most profound goal is to make people feel safe – in their bodies, lives and abilities –

carrying more energy, exploring life and their multidimensionality. For that to really happen, we need to restore our own inner sacredness and the confidence that it is safe to be sacred!!!

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