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June 23, 2023

Aloha dear human pod!


It was a really really beautiful event with all of you today! Thank you for adding your voices, your energies and your hearts. I love co-creation and this truly was a synchronized co-creation! Thank you!

Lilly is such an amazing being, it was great to hear her insights, her toning and her explanation about the geometry of the grids. There was a perceivable shift in the energy when she started talking about duR-RNA. I loved it! Find out more about her at:


MuOM that provides the background sound for toning, does beautiful concerts in Barcelona and surroundings, you can train one on one to master your overtones and also, you can attend their 5 day toning retreat in July with 30 other people to really immerse yourself in the fulness of sound harmonics.






Cetacean Gathering Azores

Swim with Humpback Whales Moorea


Thank you again for adding your voice and your intention into this co-creation!


Much love and many blessings!


Jan Lemuri

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