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Sing to the Whales Solstice Tjasa.png

December 21, 2022

Aloha all!

Thank you so much for co-creating another very unique and powerful event!!


We've had a few technical issues that we were able to almost completely remove in the recording. Hope you enjoy it!


Find the replay below <3

Tjaša brought in beautiful sounds of crystal bowls and toning. If you'd like to work with her you can get a 20% discount on her private sessions:


Powerful toning track that was used when we toned together was taken from "MU" album by "MuOM" (track "Dark Tranquility") and can be purchased:


Full video from Credo Muttwa, the African shaman:



Merry Christmas and much much love to all of you in 2023!

Jan Lemuri

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