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Online Event & Workshop

Higher Dimensional Timelines: FREE EVENT (10/30)

Transforming the collective memory of a ‘downfall’!


Two years ago dolphins showed me a vision of a dolphin temple in Atlantis. Its intention was merging with one’s soul and bringing forth the unique dream for that incarnation. The temple was built above a bay and dolphins would come swimming in to assist with this process.

“What happened when Atlantis sunk?” I asked.

“The temple shifted into higher dimensional reality.”

I started exploring higher dimensional timelines and realized that humanity’s memory of Atlantis, a downfall that is a collective trauma, is but one of the versions of the history. Or in other words: it is the version that is currently “active” in our fields, our (sub)consciousness. It creates a collective “gripping” effect, a feeling of holding back. 2020 is here to push this pattern to the surface, individually and collectively.

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Picture: The original temple of AniRa was built on the Southern shores of Atlantis, in the area east of Cuba

Are you ready to transform this energy and create a new balance, new resonance, new understanding?



  • Coherence of the dolphin heart - MEDITATIONAN

  • Facing the fears – limiting beliefs of the past

  • Different tribes of Atlantis, their connection to the Stars and their gift

  • Higher dimensional timelines

  • The Temple – its purpose and its service

  • Healing and balancing the timelines - MEDITATION


DURATION: 1,5-2hrs

WHEN: Friday 10/30 at 12pm Pacific Time



Dolphin Temples of Atlantis: WORKSHOP (10/31&11/1)

Quantum Experience of Ancient Technology


DAY 1 : Merging with the Light of the Soul

This day is dedicated to a real-time multidimensional experience of the temple of AniRa. "Ani" is a verb that means "to merge." "Ra" stands for "the Light of your Soul." When you enter AniRa, you come to remember your true self. The invitation is open to those with a clear intention.

The sisterhood of Sina-Ra that serves in the temple will assist us in this process. We will walk the spiral path and enter the water with dolphins (and for some of you Mer people), to begin the process of “remembering”.

The temple is a conscious, benevolent technology, that allows for dis-integration of human identification to return to the original intention of the soul and merging with the radiance of Ra - the Soul.


  • Energetic preparation: heart, pineal and anchoring joy - MEDITATION

  • Understanding the Temple and its structure

  • The Crystal as a living presence

  • AniRA - Merging with the Light of the Soul MEDITATION

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DAY 2 : The Gift, the Dream and the Whales

On this day we return to the "planning session" for this life and the unique gift you decided to bring along. It is your own personal time capsule and the resonance of the temple is gently activating your gift. 

We will explore in what ways your dream, the dream of the soul and the dream of the New Earth, embodied in whales, come together and activate each other. We will connect with whales through the pineal to anchor this vision into the grids.

We will conclude with a strong intention for grounding and integration of the changes into the body, the cells and your quantum DNA.

Emerging new human co-creating the New Earth.


  • Grounding and anchoring the light

  • "The planning session" MEDITATION

  • Personal mission beyond 2020

  • Co-creating the enlightened future

  • The dream of humanity and the whales MEDITATION

  • Anchoring the change into quantum DNA

PRICE: $44

DURATION: 1,5-2hrs each day

WHEN: Saturday (10/31) and Sunday (11/1) at 12pm Pacific Time


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