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Day 1 Replay
April 28, 2023

Aloha dear soul!

I am always so grateful when I see more of humanity remembering the soul. Today's journey was exquisite and I love reading your feedback and all the different ways you were guided and assisted on the journey. Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing where the Crystalline Evolution takes us <3

Please find the replay below!

Credits for the art:

Crystalline Evolution Mandala by Tanja Prezelj. You can order prints directly from her by writing to her on FB (HERE) or email (prezelj.tanja(at)

The art for the star people (Sirian and Adromedan) was created by Jessica of Light Being Codes. Find her HERE.

The Dolphin Temple picture was created by Leanna Te Iki Anawa. Find her HERE.

And the Soul Embodiment piece was done by Jean Luc Bozzoli. You can find him HERE.

Sending much love and happy integration until tomorrow <3

Jan Lemuri

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