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Can Dolphins Heal You?

From Dolphin Assisted Therapy to Inner Dolphin Assisted Empowerment

What really happens when people heal? Is it dolphins that heal humans? Or is it us allowing the fullness of our being again? I believe it is us. I believe dolphins help us to remember what we can do. I came to a point in my work, where I had to replace the word “Therapy” with the word “Empowerment,” meaning a person waking up to powers that are already inside. Dolphins are an inspiration on that journey. That way, it stopped being a process of “Here’s what the goal is and here’s how we’re going to get there,” (therapy) and it became “An inner and outer journey of discovery of what is already a part of us.” (empowerment)

I also added “Inner” in front of “Dolphin Assisted Empowerment”.

I believe we carry cetaceans inside. I’m teaching people how to tap into that part of themselves and integrate it just like they would integrate the blissful state of a dolphin swim.

Of course, if the opportunity arises, seeing dolphins in their natural environment is still a valuable experience, but you can tap into the energy with your consciousness from wherever you are. You always have it right here, in every cell of your being.

Here is my take on dolphin healing: Dolphins embody joy, peace and bliss. They carry multidimensional understanding, not just of who they are, but who we are. They carry the Akash of the planet, so when they look us in the eyes, they not only see us as humans, they see our soul. They see the magnificence of a multidimensional being, filled with light, color and sound. They see our past and future incarnations and they understand the service we’re doing for the planet and the Universe as we take on the veil of forgetfulness.

They don’t react to this, but simply stay present with what they see. They feel an immense love and gratitude for our being and they understand that ultimately, everything is always ok. They know we can always return to our natural flow, we can always remember our magnificence.

And sometimes they are overwhelmed with the beauty of it all. They want to say, “This is so amazing. You’re so beautiful. Your journey is so inspiring.” They simply cannot contain the pure joy of seeing us. That’s when they swim erratically, jump and spin. “Let’s celebrate, dance and play together, dear human.” they say.

Your cells respond. Your whole being starts to remember. Your Akash opens and out pours the beauty of your soul. Your heart expands. You start to realize, you too, are the embodiment of joy, love, and bliss.

This is the natural state of your soul. And in this state, anything can be healed. In this state, no limitations exist. In this state, you heal yourself!
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