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Love Yourself!

Have you heard this message before? Love yourself! It seems like everybody is talking about it. Why is it so important to love ourselves?

Here's my view: I talk a lot about telepathy that happens with dolphins and I described it as a bridge between the hearts. Love builds a bridge that then allows for a signal to travel from one being to the other. So now look at what happens with self-love, it builds a bridge between different parts of your multidimensional self. In other words: If you don't love yourself, you will never be able to open the door to your soul fully. Self-love allows for telepathy within your own being!

And here's the best part: Self-love is already a hundred percent present. Your soul already has an immense love and appreciation for you. Gaia already loves you more than you could ever imagine. Dolphins and whales could jump for the pure joy of seeing you. So, dear human, your part is not to try to love yourself, but to remember, allow and receive the love that is already there.

It truly is the biggest shift we can make. In the moment of experiencing self-love, you open the door to everything you are, the flower of your soul. Suddenly, messages appear, intuition gets stronger and abundance flows, naturally. It’s not about asking, it’s simply about receiving.

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