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"Toning" - Ancient Tool for Multidimensional Exploration

Discover the Song of Your Soul!


If you've ever been to a yoga class, you might have experienced the whole class singing OM. Have you ever wondered why that particular sound and where does it come from?

While probably whole books could be written on this topic, I want to take a very practical stand here. OM is one of the easiest ways to start exploring what I call the "inner dimensions of sound," or simply: toning.

What is toning?

Every old culture had a special relationship with the sound and many discovered the mystical dimension of meditative singing. Toning in simple terms means you extend the sound (especially the vowels) and turn it "inwards," where it vibrates different parts of your body, your brain and your pineal gland.

Start exploring

While I highly recommend learning the tones in a weekend workshop, it is not hard to start exploring on your own. Toning can be practiced by anyone, doesn't matter if you have music talent or not.

The best way to start experiencing the benefits of toning is to take the basic 5 vowels: A, E, I, O, U and spending an extended time with each one of them. Take a deep breath and just sing the same vowel again and again, observing its effects inside your body and energy field.

Then start exploring the relationships between vowels. Travel from one to another, taking time to explore the little spaces in between. You can also play with exploring the relationships between vowels and certain consonants like: M, N, S and Z.

The Tones of Your Higher Self

My soul song came to me after an hour of toning. I was sitting next to a stream in a forest in Southern Australia. I was just playing with different sounds when my toning suddenly shifted and out came a beautiful tune, one that filled my being with lightness and joy. I knew I’d discovered my soul song.

I hereby invite you to do the same. Could it be that your intent alone can bring out your unique song? Just explore and have fun!

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