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Deep, Inner Transformation with Dolphins, Whales and Sacredness of Gaia


  • Merge with the dolphin pod

  • Shift your DNA into joyful, peaceful and blissful vibration

  • Experience the Quantum Heart of the Whale

  • Transform your fears and limitations

  • Activate crystalline memories of higher consciousness

What happens in the water?

THE EXPERIENCE: Anchoring the Joy


.... We are swimming in the pristine blue ocean, our eyes meeting with the eyes of common, Risso’s, spotted and bottlenose dolphins, sharing a moment of telepathy and true heart connection.

.... Each cell fills up with the bubbling joy of this quantum experience. Dolphin joy is what our soul feels all the time! 

.... We anchor dolphin bliss into our body, through Inner Dolphin Awakening, and 7 dolphin points on the human body. We start vibrating with the qualities of curiosity, joy, telepathy and multidimensionality.

What happens on land?

THE EXPERIENCE: Crystalinne Rememberance


.... We attune to the coherence of the collective heart of our human pod, exploring the dreams and the visions each one of us brings. Who are you, what gifts are you bringing and what dreams are you fulfilling? 

.... We travel to the deep chambers of Gaia and the Pico mountain, releasing old beliefs, limitations and identities.

....We download personal light language and information that unlocks through high consciousness and purity of intent.


This program allows you to choose between:

a) swimming with dolphins only (week 1 or 3)

b) swimming with dolphins AND traveling to neighbor islands (week 1+2 or week 2+3)

c) complete immersion (week 1+2+3)


WEEK 1: July 12-19th, 2021

If you've always dreamt about swimming with dolphins and communing with whales, Pico should be on your buckets list. Amazing visibility, more than 20 species of cetaceans and profound energies of the mountain might make this one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Learn more.


WEEK 2: July 19 - 26th

We travel to the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira, to experience all the beauty and uniqueness of this archipelago. The silver lining of this week is connection to the Phoenicians, Atlantis, Lemuria and the stars; as we soak in the hot springs, hike to crater lakes and swim in lava pools. Learn more.


WEEK 3: July 26th - August 2nd

The second group gathers in Pico for another deep dive into the infinite blue waters with spotted, common and Risso's dolphins, anchoring joy and bliss. Personal messages are downloaded as the energies of the land guide us into activating another layer of crystalline remembrance. Learn more.

PROGRAM DETAILS: Dolphin and Whales of Pico - Week 1 & 3

July 12-19 & July 26 - August 2, island of Pico


  • Pico island airport (code PIX) is currently served by Azores Airlines and SATA Air Azores. We will have a van that picks you up at the airport and delivers you our hotel. 


  • Every day after breakfast we will be out on the water. Marina is a walking distance from the hotel. Masks, snorkels and wetsuits will be provided. We meet with dolphins in their natural environment and every day is unique. Some days will be better for swimming than others. Dolphins can be anywhere between half a mile to a few miles away from the shore.

  • Azores is amazing! There is more than 20 species of dolphins and whales and depending on our energy, alignment and synchronicity, we might get to swim with different species like common, Risso's, spotted and bottlenose dolphins and see pilot, sperm or sei whales... keeping a child like curiosity and at the same time releasing any expectations is the key! 

  • We always respect the dolphin pod, where they are and what they are communicating - everything they do is a communication. You can actually feel when the pod invites you into the water. And sometimes we just observe and bless them, and then find a different pod. We only enter the water when the energy is right!

  • Water can be more than two miles deep and it's hard to describe how beautiful the endless blue is, nothing to hold onto, just float and allow. While July and August are the warmest months, some people experience Atlantic as cold, so make sure you take deep breaths and stay in your heart as you enter. the water

  • Fulfilling your dreams and meeting with the dolphin pod might be one of the most amazing and stunning experiences of your life. But always remember, this experience is co-created with cetaceans, and it might happen in a different way than you expected. Your responsibility is to create a loving alignment: a space of invitation, curiosity and respect. And then trust that whatever happens, is perfect for you in that moment!


  • Every day in the afternoon we meet in our sacred circle, either outside in nature, near the ocean or in our hotel. The energy of our circle is profound and allows for each one of us to go deeper into personal alignment, transformation and activation.

  • Dolphins and whales respond to our consciousness. Everything we do in the circle is reflected back to us in the water. When you go deeper, the energy responds.

  • The main theme, The Crystalline Remembrance downloads and reveals itself throughout the retreat. Downloads happen in divine timing.


  • We will do smaller walks and hikes in the nature, weather permitting, finding spots for sacred circle and integration. There will also be a longer tour to the mountain and high lakes of central Pico.



We'll be staying in Bela Vista, walking distance from marina.



Price for Week 1 (July 12-19th) or Week 3 (July 26th - August 2nd) is 1395 EUR.

Register for Week 1

Register for Week 3

Included: Accommodations in double room with breakfast, 5 guided boat tours (4x swimming with dolphins, 1x whale watching),  personal instructions and guidance on dolphin and whale contact, group transfer to and from airport, guided excursions around the island, snorkeling practice, Sacred Circle meditations, activations and alignments

Not included: other meals (lunch & dinner), flights to and from Azores, travel insurance, personal expenses

Pico island airport (code PIX) is currently served by Azores Airlines and SATA Air Azores.

AZORES  are only 
4h40 flying from Boston
5h45 flying from New York
5h35 flying fromToronto
4h20 flying from Frankfurt
2h15 flying from Lisbon

PROGRAM DETAILS: Atlantis, Lemuria and Connection to the Stars - Week 2

July 19 -26th, islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira

While Weeks 1&3 are dedicated to dolphins, whales and the magic of Pico, Week 2 takes us to Sao Miguel and Terceira to discover more of Azores stunning nature and mysteries of ancient connections. Come join us as we journey deep into the craters, soak in hot springs, explore volcanic caves and breathe in the spray of the ocean surf!


Day 1 – Transfers from Pico or Arrivals

Flying to Ponta Delgada.

Settling into our downtown accommodations. 

Afternoon: Free time and exploring the historic downtown of Ponta Delgada.

Optional: black sand beach in Sao Roque.


Day 2 – Sete Cidades – Sacred Gaia and Connection to the Star People

Full day adventure

We drive west through the beautiful countryside with views of the ocean on the left and a raising volcano on the right. As we come to the top we descend into the crater and in front of our eyes is one of the most magical places in the world – Sete Cidades. Two lakes, one emerald green and the other ocean blue, create a special resonance inside our heart and act like a portal into a profound chamber of peace within the Crystalline grid. 

We will find a place along the lakes to immerse ourselves in the stillness and open our energy fields to the light beings, angels and star people, whose presence can be felt very strongly in this area. 


Day 3 – Furnas – Deep Integration and Radiance of the Soul

Full day adventure

This day we turn east to explore the other side of the island. The ocean is on our right and we can enjoy some breath-taking scenery and the view of half submerged island volcano as we pass Vila Franca do Campo and start ascending to Furnas. 

Just like the day before we descend into the crater, but this time we enter the world of deep relaxation and self-love. Furnas is filled with hot springs coming from volcanic grounds, and as we soak, the intention is to allow for a time of integration and breath. 

Day 4 – Transfers to Terceira

Flights to Terceira.

Settling into our accommodations in Angra do Heroismo.

Free time to explore the town, black sand beach and botanic gardens.


Day 5 – Monte Brasil – Phoenicians, Atlantis and Lemuria

Half day adventure

We hike to Monte Brasil which offers spectacular views of the town, whale-watching and some clues to the ancient past. Some archeologists believe Phoenicians were present here 2500 years ago, way before the Portuguese. But others believe the history of the islands goes even further back, to the days of Atlantis. In 2011 an underwater pyramid was found near Terceira and we’ll tune into its energy and the connection of Azores with Atlantis through meditation and toning.

Free afternoon to enjoy the beach or explore the town.


Day 6 – Algar Cave and Biscoitos – Elementals and Spirits of Nature

Full day adventure

We drive through the middle of the island to visit a special volcanic cave, Algar do Carvao. It offers a beautiful opportunity to turn inwards and experience the presence of Gaia and elementals. 

We continue our journey north to Biscoitos, swimming and snorkeling area inside little volcanic caves and pools, that can be completely calm while big waves crash out in the open ocean.

On the way back we stop in Serreta, a magical forest filled with the presence of fairies and other nature spirits. We gather in a sacred circle, completing our amazing week embraced by Gaia and the tranquility of Azores.


Day 7 – Transfers to Pico or Departures



Price for Week 2 (July 19-26th) is 1295 EUR (minimum 12pax).

Register for Week 2

Included: Accommodations in double room with breakfast, 3 flights between the islands, group transfer to and from airports (Sao Miguel, Terceira, Pico), all guided tours and full day adventures, all entrance fees and admissions, Sacred Circle meditations, activations and alignments

Not included: other meals (lunch & dinner), flights to and from Azores, travel insurance, personal expenses

Any other Questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback HERE.

Dolphin Week 1&3
Week 2
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