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Swim With Dolphins and Commune with Whales in Azores

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New, extended program for deep, inner transformation with cetaceans!

Highlights of the Retreat:

  • 9 days Full Board Accommodation in a Beautiful Ocean-Front Resort

  • Swimming with Dolphins

  • Communing with Whales

  • Tours of the Island

  • Inner Dolphin Awakening

  • Coherence of Our Collective Heart

  • Telepathy through Toning and Pineal Alignment

  • Transforming Fear and Limiting Beliefs

  • Anchoring the New Grid

NOTE: New dates coming for July 2021! Leave your name and email and we'll notify you! Click here.

Aloha dear soul! You are not here by accident. Dolphin love has brought you to read these words and to feel the energy behind them. Stop for a moment. Take a deep breath…

We are here to invite you to join us in co-creating a New Earth. It will not happen out there; it will happen through you. You’ve felt dolphin love and joy and you’ve heard the call of the whales. They sing to you in your dreams and they speak to you multi-dimensionally. You know there is more to come.

We are joining with dolphins and whales to create a new collective heart coherence, a new pineal alignment. We are coming as a pod, a group of humans that understands the power of intention and is dedicated to inner transformation.

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The main intention of the program is to create a beautiful balance between ocean experience of swimming with dolphins + whale watching; and land experience of integration, deep inner work and exploring the natural attractions of Pico. 

We are staying in nature resort Aldeia Da Ponte, that is nestled on black lava cliffs with stunning vistas of the ocean, whale watching tower, gardens with flowers, trees and meditation areas. There is a pool and our private ocean entry in the bay. All our meals are prepared for us by professional chefs from mostly locally sourced ingredients. This place is truly a rejuvenating haven, where we can connect deeply with our soul!

This allows us to dedicate ourselves fully to our program, that is designed with the intention to encourage a joyful transformation within each one of us. We are not coming to Pico to just swim with dolphins and commune with whales, we are coming to create a new resonance in our cells, a change in our Merkabah that allows for a permanent connection with dolphin and whale consciousness. We become a part of the pod!!!

Quantum Heart of the Whale represents an energetic signature that brings together three unique aspects of our journey:

THE PROCESS: Anchoring the Safe Space

We attune to the coherence of the collective heart of our human pod, exploring the dreams and the visions each one of us brings. Who are you, what gifts are you bringing and what dreams are you fulfilling? 
We work with Gaia and the Pico mountain to transform old beliefs and limitations. We face the collective fear of change and anchor a deep feeling of being safe into our cells. We give ourselves permission to dive deep into our soul.

THE EXPERIENCE: Anchoring the Joy

We are swimming in the pristine blue ocean, our eyes meeting with the eyes of common, Risso’s, spotted and bottlenose dolphins, sharing a moment of telepathy and true heart connection. Each cell fills up with the bubbling joy of this quantum experience. Dolphin joy is what our soul feels all the time! 
We anchor dolphin bliss into our body, through Inner Dolphin Awakening, and 7 dolphin points on the human body. We start vibrating with the qualities of curiosity, joy, telepathy and multidimensionality.

THE VISION: Anchoring the New Grid

​As the whales enter our energy field, we start expanding way beyond our 3D sense of self. Our Pineal gland starts buzzing and attuning to this new frequency, and we become part of the whale consciousness. Are you ready to expand your definition of self?
Whales assist us in awakening Pleiadean layers of our DNA and help us receive personal multidimensional information encoded in the Crystal chamber. 
We create a new resonance in the collective heart of humanity, radiating the sweetness of our star connection. We anchor the New Crystalline Grid into our heart and merge with the Quantum Heart of the Whale.



Accommodations: Aldeia da Ponte Nature Hotel – Full Board

Included: Accommodations in Double Room, 6 guided boat rides (5x swimming with dolphins, 1x whale watching), group transfer to and from airport, group transfers to the marina, guided excursions around the island, full day Inner Dolphin Awakening workshop, pool and sea snorkeling practice, mentorship with one of the team members, channeled meditations and exercises

Not included: air flights, travel insurance, personal expenses

Pico island airport (code PIX) is currently served by Azores Airlines and SATA Air Azores. Find a flight to Pico:

AZORES  are only 
4h40 flying from Boston
5h45 flying from New York
5h35 flying fromToronto
4h20 flying from Frankfurt
2h15 flying from Lisbon

Price of the Events 9 days/9 nights: 
2195 €


Payment: Bank Transfer 

​1. Send a mail to Teresa Aguiar - -  with your first name, last name and

2. Proceed to payment of the full amount on this bank account 

Matilde d'Aguiar Falcão
Address: Estrada de Almada 7, r/c004 - 2640-779 Mafra - Portugal
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4760 3590 0016 6
Bank Name: BPI SA
Bank Address: Rua Tenente Valadim 284 - Porto

3. Send the receipt of the payment by email to

No refunds are available for this event.

Once we receive your payment, we will send you an email with all details about logistics and what to bring to the retreat.

You can also use TransferWise for an easy online tranfer:

Contact information 


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